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YPU Yapı Proje Uygulama ve Tic. A.Ş. was founded in Ankara as Headquarter in 2003. Signing under important successes, YPU was moved to Istanbul in 2007. And in 2012, Kuzguncuk Design Studio was set up. YPU still offers quality service to the investors in the field of construction, project and application areas both at its Ankara and Istanbul Offices.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make life easier for our customers, to make them feel safe, and to be the first choice come to mind with our designed projects, construction and process management service.

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Our Projects

Some of our on-going and completed projects are as follows. Please click on the project to see the details.

Land and Business Development

Creating business models according to investment projections on a sectoral basis

Business Plan

Establishing a business plan that deals with all technical, legal and financial aspects in line with the strategic objectives of the project planned to be invested

Feasibility and Risk Analysis

Time-cost-quality optimization and mass analysis of project alternatives according to regional analysis and zoning status, cash flow projection, cost predictions, risk analysis

Master Planning

Master planning studies that will be needed according to the investment and development vision in various scopes from the region to the scale of the project area

Sector Analysis

Sector analyzes that will guide investment by making short-medium-long-term forecasts together with the dynamics of different sectors such as tourism, textile, construction, finance, etc.

Management Plan

Management planning for the creation of a roadmap to be followed in the investment's planning phase, transferring it to the enterprise and subsequent end-use process

Optimization Analysis

Evaluation of alternatives for the most efficient use of the project by creating optimum solutions that can provide maximum benefit, together with Pre-Feasibility

SWOT Analysis

Determining the Strengths and Weaknesses of the project, predicting the Opportunity-Threat elements and making detailed analyzes in this context

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning consultancy for the creation of a sustainable corporate structure and multidimensional investment visions

Concept Idea Projects

Preparation of projects with different concepts for the needs or management of the idea project competition process in line with the specification to be created

Architectural Projects

Preparing design, preliminary license and application projects in all areas of architecture, including Urban Design, Interior Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Static Projects

Design of reinforced concrete, steel, composite structures and preparation of preliminary license and application projects

Infrastructure Projects

Topographic measurement and mapping, drinking water, wastewater and storm water drainage systems, pipelines and hydraulic structures design and project design

Geotechnical Projects

Deep foundation design, soil improvement systems design, shoring systems design and project for deep excavation

Mechanical Projects

Heating, cooling and ventilation and building automation systems design and preparation of preliminary, license and application projects

Electrical and Automation Projects

Design and projecting of power, fire, data and telephone, electronic, up-to-date and building automation systems

Technical Consultants

Consultancy services on technical issues such as fire, traffic, acoustics, automation, facade, green building, etc.

Value Engineering

Determining alternative materials, systems or manufacturing methodologies with the desired quality, at the specified time and with the most appropriate costs

Cost Analysis and Budget

Creating a general construction budget with exploration and cost analysis in all disciplines (infrastructure, geotechnical, architectural, carrier system, decoration, electrical, mechanical, automation, facade, landscape, etc.)

Tender Construction Methodology

Determining the tender methodology according to the model (cost & profit, lump sum price, unit price, etc.) to be followed in outsourcing the work to the contractors

Tender Documentation

Preparation of tender specification, contract draft, work program, exploration, projects, etc. documentation and tender package containing all information about the project and the tender process

Prequalification Evaluations

Evaluation of the Contractor candidates within the scope of technical-financial-work completion and creation of the guest lists in line with the Investor's approval

Tender Process Management

Publishing tender packages to contractor candidates, bid process, meetings with contractor candidates, collection of bids and reporting by making comparative analyzes

Contractor Contract Management

Managing the contract process with the Contractor who won the tender

Bid Evaluation

Detailed analysis of unit price analyzes of offers from contractor candidates and reporting with graphics-tables-explanations

Tender Process Reports

Reporting with all the details of the process from the first step of the process to the signing of the contract for each tender

Project Management Plan

Management planning of the project in which quality, resource, communication, organization, manufacturing programs are defined

Contract and Settlement Management

Execution management of contracts in force and reconciliation management of potential disputes

Total Quality Management

Determination of national and international quality management standards and specification for implementation

Progress Claim Management

Quantitatively and financially documenting the productions of contractors periodically

Work Schedule Management

Creating work schedule and cash flow tables with all manufacturing items, reporting according to the progress in the business process

Cost Tracking

Technical and administrative personnel planning, material management, financial resource management, etc.

Resource Planning

Organization of possible changes in manufacturing items, price determination and reporting

Information Management Technologies

Monitoring of all processes (project, specification, tender, contract, unit price, etc.) during the construction process with computer software and reporting at a level that can be intervened in the process

Contractor Site Delivery

Delivery of the site to the Contractor who won the tender and management of the beginning of the work

Site Organization

Mobilization planning, equipment management, site offices, creation of technical-administrative staff living quarters, logistics management

Materials Engineering

Selection of all materials to be used in the project, archiving, control, follow-up and application supervision of certificates in accordance with the specifications

Site Manufacturing Inspection

Control and supervision of all productions at the construction site by the relevant expert technical teams

Site Reporting and Documentation

Daily, weekly, monthly site progress reports, due diligence reports and documentation studies

Temporary Acceptance and Pre-Delivery

Receipt of work from contractors at the end of the work and coordination of the process

Final Account Reporting

Progress documentation and reporting of the works performed by the contractors within the scope of the contract

Tests and Controls

Preparation of the equipment used in the project, together with the warranty documents by making the controls and tests of the productions

Company Transfer Management

Management of the process of delivering the work to the business group, arranging the trainings and making the necessary organization according to the management plan

Our Core Values and Principles

Our work is to manage the process... But also to have a service spectrum which gets start following the lifecycle of a project and includes contract-, tender-, specification-, and site managements according to the performed work.

We maintain the presence of our corporate values with our customers and partnerships, development, teamwork spirit, quick and accurate decision making mechanism, and interchange compliance policies.

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